On a November night in Egypt, 414 A.D., one of history's most brilliant individuals was assassinated. Her name was Hypatia, teacher and scientist of the fabled Great Library of Alexandria and the last glimmer of hope before the Dark Ages.


Who Killed This Woman?

And Why is Her Murderer A Saint?

In Raphael's famous 1511 painting "The School of Athens", the greatest minds of the ancient world gather for debate. . . and in their midst stands a lone woman who would be purged from history books at the Church's command: Hypatia of Alexandria.

“This is an absolutely wonderful historical fiction novel with an almost lyrical rhythm to the writing. . . marvelous detailed description of people and places. . . Hypatia and her contemporaries are captivating. . . This author is extremely talented. . . This book deserves to be read by historical fiction enthusiasts.”
-- Writer’s Digest (13th annual International Self-Published Book Awards Commentary)
"A really interesting novel, based in great detail on what happened during the 5th Century in Alexandria, Egypt. It foreshadowed the Dark Ages and involved the Church and religious fundamentalism at its height. It's really quite a story." Faith Middleton on NPR



"A riveting character study and a haunting vision of an enlightened society on the brink of the Dark Ages." Yale Bookstore Author Series

The Roman Empire is crumbling, the fragments of the classical world regrouping in Egypt when Thasos, son of an ill-fated scholar, meets Hypatia of Alexandria. Astronomer, mathematician, and philosopher at a time when women were shunned from learning, Hypatia is a daring visionary in a world about to change forever.

As an insidious power-struggle erupts between church and state Hypatia finds herself at the forefront of battle, but she is not alone. Those who cherish her, who will remember her, become her allies – including the powerful Governor Orestes, who keeps his consuming love for her as secret as she keeps her feelings from him.

Remembering Hypatia is a vivid retelling of a now-forgotten historical tragedy, when courage stood against fear, when the legacy of the wise vanished in the dark. Author Brian Trent resurrects the ancient world's most famous metropolis and explores the final days, not just of a brilliant mind, but of a lost era. . .


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